Everyone probably knows of the tea benefits.  The unusual qualities of green tea are especially known.  The hot cup of tea will warm you up during winter frosts, and its pleasant aroma will give you a good mood and indulge your senses.

Tea is very useful for your body:  it has got antioxidants and possesses anticancer effects; it reduces the level of cholesterol in blood as well.

Tea ceremonies are like particular preventive measures of cardiovascular diseases. The reason is that tea contains useful bodies that clean your blood vessels and increase their elasticity.

Tea improves your immune system. Dutch scientists have carried out an experiment, which showed that people who drink several cups of tea a day, have enhanced immune system.

One more useful quality of tea is that it can impregnate the body with liquid: it greatly satisfies one’s thirst and helps to retain liquid inside the body cells and tissues.

Tea is a great means of the diet – it has no calories. Drinking tea improves one’s metabolism. If you drink tea regularly adding there some useful herbs, it greatly speeds up metabolic processes of the body, and as a result it helps to get rid of extra calories and kilograms. This way, drinking tea is a great way to lose weight.

The miraculous drink is good for physical appearance of a person as well.  Green tea has antibacterial and anti-aging effects. It is widely used in many cosmetics. Nowadays you can find the whole lot of face and body skin care, made using green tea.  It helps to heal wounds, perfectly tones up your body and moisturizes it, reduces the puffiness of the skin and increases its elasticity, improves the colour of the face and takes away the tiredness.

In order to make the use of tea visible, drink at least two 230ml cups of green or black tea a day. Green tea is brewed during 3-5 minutes and black tea – during 4-6 minutes.  This way one can derive ultimate benefit from antioxidants’ effect.