Sri Lanka is considered to be a tea heaven. More than 300 mln kg of Ceylon tea (which is 10% of world production) is grown a year on huge plantations, blanketed in a fresh humid air.  Ceylon tea can impress by its variety: Orange Pekoe, Pekoe, Broken Orange Pekoe and others depending on the type of tea and size of a leaf. The tea is grown in six different agro-climatic zones of Sri Lanka, each type of which gives the experts from all around the world a drink with various characteristics united with one and the same principle: it is a high quality tea, which will be appraised by the devotee of good tea.

The unique geographic location of the Nuwara Elia region, where tea plantations of Sri Lanka have been spread out at the height of 2 km above the sea level, gives unique qualities to the tea leaves. Fresh mountain air, which is saturated with cedar, menthol and eucalyptus aroma give the tea leaf a special taste. At brewing the infusion obtains a light hue and mellow and smooth taste. With a dash of ice the tea becomes a wonderful refreshing drink.

Ceylon tea with delicate and medium strong taste, which creates an impression of delicacy and harmony when taken as a whole, is grown in the region of Uda Pussellawa.

Plantations of Dimbulla are located at the height of 1050-1650 meters above the sea level. It is the exact place, where the refreshing tea with rich taste is created. Due to the     monsoon rains and cold dry air, tea leaves attain the great variety of tastes – from strong to the most delicate.

The tea plantations of the Uva region, Sri Lanka, are located at the height of 900-1500 meters above the sea level. They are known for the high quality aromatic tea, which is used for different blends and is famous for many sides of its character.

In Kandy, the ancient capital of Ceylon, the tea is grown at the height of 600-1200 meters. This tea is known for its strength and is irreplaceable for the devotees of impressive rich taste.

The soil of tea plantations of Ruhuna region, Sri Lanka, is rich with potassium and magnesium, which gives the tea leaves rich dark-green colour. The infusion turns out to be stronger and deeper, which is a distinctive feature of the Ruhuna tea.

All around the world Sri Lanka is known to be a source of the great variety of tea. Nevertheless, each tea lot satisfies the most strict quality regulations. The Tea Board of the country acts as the guarantor of high quality and unchallenged freshness of Sri Lankan tea. The Board is a supreme body of Sri Lanka tea industry, which was established by the order of the Parliament.  It represents the interests of all tea market operators: producers, brokers, experts and national tea organizations.

The Parliament of Sri Lanka renders a comprehensive assistance in maintaining the high quality of Ceylon tea and its profitable sale at the Colombo auction.

Today the tea lovers pay more and more attention to the quality, and Ceylon tea remains a leader in the tea market of Ukraine (Sri Lankan tea occupies 37%).  Exquisite tastes and the variety of teas, which are delivered from this emerald green island, retain Ukrainian consumers’ loyalty and will do so in the future.